Don’t know where to begin? Just contact us. We are the experts in copyright clearance in Quebec. We know the law and the sector inside out. We’ve been specializing in copyright clearance for more than 18 years so we can answer all your questions concerning reproduction rights for music, photographs, literary works, art works (paintings, sculptures, etc.), trademarks, actors/actresses, performers or dancers, etc. Whether yourcopyright clearance and licensing needs are in the artistic, audio-visual, education, entertainment, multimedia, music or performing arts sector, we have the answers and the know-how to make your task painless and affordable!

Conferences and workshops

With more than 30 years experience, Lucie Bourgouin has the expertise and tools needed to advise your production (management) team on how to avoid unpleasant surprises during production. Her conferences and workshops explain the complexities of copyright clearance and licensing in terms that are easy to understand for those responsible for managing this often arduous task.

Conferences and workshops are offered on demand. The Faculty of Music of the University of Montreal, the Music Department of the University of Quebec in Montreal, Vox TV, the Saguenay International Short Film Festival, and the École Nationale de l’humour are just a few of the institutions and organizations that have benefited from Lucie Bourgouin’s extensive knowledge of copyright clearance.

Music supervision

Besides copyright clearance and licensing for music, photographs, art and literary works, audio-visual archives, and trademarks, Permission also provides first-rate expert advisory services to help you choose the content you want to use in your production. We guide you through every step of the process to make sure your choices are best suited for your production both in terms of content quality and fee rate.  Whether you’re looking for songs, works from the classical repertory, jazz or country music, our exhaustive knowledge of the titles in publishers’ and recording labels’ catalogues enables you to find the solution that fits your budget and your needs simply and effectively.

Our advisory service isn’t limited to musical content only. We can also help you in your search for visual and audio-visual content.

Search and identification

We’re experts at identifying and finding rights’ holders whether they are authors, composers, book or music publishers, record labels, documentary, film or television producers, painters, photographers, artists, performers or their agencies either in Canada or anywhere in the world. Just give us the name or the title, and we’ll find the rights’ holder for you.

Copyright and licensing negotiations

For over 18 years, Permission has cleared the rights for hundreds of diverse projects: feature-length and documentary films, television series with or without archival audio-visual content, plays, choreographies for dance productions, compilations, film soundtracks, adaptations of literary works for film productions.

We identify the rights’ holders, negotiate the terms with them on your behalf, draw up the contracts and take care of the contract signing and fee disbursement. Permission offers you an expert and seamless one-stop service so you can move ahead with your production.